While art lovers filled the streets of Amsterdam during Amsterdam Art Weekend, Momart took the opportunity to present all of its participating artists. The exhibition Momart presents ALL showed a stunning overview of 26 young and promising independent artists.


29 November - 26 January, 2013
PRESENTS ALL | ‘The Exhibition’
WITH Suzanne van Rest | Thijs Ebbe Fokkens | Lydia Weijers | Maarten Sleeuwits | Isabel Cordeiro | Theun Govers | Natalia Ossef | Maurice Bogaert | Kristine Hymoller | Bonnovan Doorn | Tudor Bratu | Esther de Graaf | Oscar Lourens | Aquil Copier | Elian Somers | Abe Rechterschot | Aram Tanis | Ghislain Amar | Esme Valk | Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir | Lieke Snellen | Alex Winters | Sjoerd Westbroek | Melanie Matthieu | Lev Ilizirov

November 30, 2013
PRESENTS ALL | Openings Performance
WITH Alex Winters
During the performance ‘Too much detail’, Winters, dressed as a ballerina and entering the stage on a little boys dream -a blue cross bike- delivers us with a personal system of logical steps to develop a context. By posing and entering his own installation, a self-build wall that seems to be ripped from a piece of paper, with various objects and drawers, he starts drawing. A drawing made with graphite pencils; objects like a skull, a book, a bottle. A drawing of a rabbit on a piano which then created different levels of sound by using a home-made sequencer. Through the course of events showing us the way to get into his train of thought and slowly starting to appreciate how all these objects and gestures connect in his personal logic.

January 25, 2014
PRESENTS ALL | Artist Talk
WITH Aram Tanis | Natalia Ossef
Tanis and Ossef performed a public conversation about the common themes in their work. Tanis' method is multi disciplinary. Childhood memories play an important role in his photographs, sculptures and documentary work. His place of birth South Korea but particularly his childhood in Zeeland -a place drowned in memories about the North Sea flood of 1953- was inspirational for his recent projects. Where Aram tends to process or even erase certain memories, Natalia Ossef, born in Syria, tries to reconstruct a childhood that was never kept in photographs. Inspired by other people’s photo albums her paintings show a mixture of reconstructed memories and references to the current Syrian situation.

Januari 25 – 26 Januar, 2014
PRESENTS ALL | Presentations Publications
WITH Abe Rechterschot | Aldwin van de Ven | Alex Winters | Aquil Copier | Aram Tanis | Elian Somers | Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir | Lieke Snellen | Maurice Bogaert | Oscar Lourens | Sander van Wettum | Suzanne van Rest | Thijs Ebbe Fokkens
During the final weekend of the exhibition we presented a selection of recent publications from artists, presented alongside their works in the exhibition. A response to the practice of many of the artists that are currently represented by Momart, integrating the artist book in various ways into their works.

Aldwin van de Ven: Message - Massage 2011
Lieke Snellen: publication 2013
Aram Tanis: Amsterdam Blues 2013
Elian Somers : Border Theories 2013
Geirthrudur Finbogadottir: MINDGAMES - 2012
André Martens | Concept and Exhibition
Evelien Bodbijl | Production and Internal Communication
Iris Bekker | Design and Communication
Max Bijleveld | Acquisition