WITH Alex Winters | Lieke Snellen | Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir | Sjoerd Westbroek | Maarten Sleeuwits | Esther de Graaf | Lev Ilizerov | Suzanne van Rest | Ro Hagers

A selected group of Momart’s artists presented their work at the garage of the Van Nellefabriek. The artists were asked to participate in their own specific way by relating to the characteristic location and space.

For example Thijs Ebbe Fokkens showed ‘The Meeting of The Eye’, a new site specific work in the space next to the garage, in dialogue with the industrial surroundings. Maurice Bogaert showed his large-scale installation The Apartment, a reconstruction of the most important location in Roman Polanski’s film Repulsion (1965).
André Martens | Concept and Exhibition
Rieke Righolt and Evelien Bodbijl | Coordination and Production
MOMART at Art Rotterdam