WITH Lieke Snellen | Bonno van Doorn | Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir | Tudor Bratu | Oscar Lourens | Aldwin van der Ven

The works in this exhibition are all produced very recently and in an enclosed period of time, as the result of a residency or an (international) exhibition. For the participating artists these works underline clearly a new phase in their development as an artist.

Lieke Snellen -known for her architectonical sculptures made of daily objects- recently finished a residency at the European Ceramic Work Center in Den Bosch, where she learned to express her working method in ceramics. Bonno van Doorn -cooperating with Momart for the first time- will exhibit part of a new installation first featured at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm last February. Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir made a series of sculptures for Momart at Art Rotterdam, representing the monstrous children of mythological gods. These sculptures are now fired and on display. Tudor Bratu will show a new installation and the publication The Dissidents’ Travel Guide, presented in Lokaal 01 in Antwerp. Oscar Lourens did an intervention in Momarts’ project space, by which his motto ‘to measure is to know’ was very literally expressed. Aldwin van de Ven’s recent studio activities will be assembled at Newworks in an installation and mural painting.

André Martens | Concept and Exhibition
Rieke Righolt | Organization and Promotion
Eva Schippers | Design and Communication